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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Weingarten Rights?

Employees have a right to request union representation at investigatory interviews. These rights have become known as the Weingarten Rights.

In a landmark decision known as the "Weingarten Decision", the United States Supreme Court ruled that employees represented by a labor union who are called into an investigatory meeting may have a steward or union officer present during the investigatory meeting.

However, to receive the protections that are afforded by Weingarten, the employee MUST ask for a representative.

Can I pay my dues over the phone?

At this time Local 784 only accepts payment by check or money order. For financial questions contact the Secretary-Treasurer.

How long does it take to become a member after applying? 

The timeline for membership varies depending for each applicant. The process is outlined below:

  • Application (July)
  • Intake Test (August)
  • Complete Hiring Hall Paperwork and pay Annual Hiring Hall Fee of $75 (check or money order)
  • First work call (over-hire as needed)
  • Accrue 30 days worked (under 784 Union contract)
  • Receive Membership Invitation letter (sent after 30 day completed)
  • Complete Official Application for Membership, pay Application Fee of $125 (check or money order) and Initiation Fee or Deposit ($1250/$250 + Payments)
  • Application read at 2 successive General Membership meetings, vote taken during 2nd meeting
  • Swearing in after vote
  • Pay Membership Quarterly Dues to Secretary-Treasurer, confirm Initiation Fee Payment schedule if necessary
  • Attend Membership meetings and participate in Local governance

What is the difference between Quarterly Dues and Work Fees (also called Work Dues)? 

Quarterly Dues pay for your membership in our parent union I.A.T.S.E., District 2, as well as membership in Local Labor Council's and Federations whose jurisdiction we work in. These costs are covered by your Quarterly Per Capita Dues. Quarterly dues are owed in January, April, July, and Oct. They can be paid annually, semi-annually, or quarterly.

Work fees are the % of your wages that the employer with-holds from your pay and sends to the Local. These fees cover the cost of our office space, salary for the office staff, and other operating costs.

What is the difference between a Registered Worker and a Member? 

A Registered Worker is; registered for work with Local 784, available to work but has not completed the following: worked 30 days, completed application, paid initiation fee (or started payment plan), been sworn in at a membership meeting.

A Member has; completed the above criteria, is paying quarterly dues, has received their paid membership card and has full voting rights at Union meetings.

What are my health insurance options?

Local 784 employers contribute a negotiated percentage to the Entertainment Industry Flex Plan. Once you reach a contribution threshold, you will receive a letter requiring proof of alternate coverage or enrollment in one of the plans. All specific Plan information is listed in the Summary Plan Description. They offer Kaiser and Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance as well as Dental, Vision, Life and Disability Insurance.

What other benefits does Local 784 offer?

All of our employers contribute a negotiated percentage to either the I.A.T.S.E. National Benefits Fund Pension Plan C, the NBF Annuity via Wells Fargo or both. See your contract to determine which one you are receiving.

Training: no-cost classes through Local 784's Training Trust Fund and membership through the IATSE.

All Members receive an Accidental Death & Dismemberment Policy as well as a standard Life Insurance policy via the Local.  

Theatrical Wardrobe Union, Local 784, I.A.T.S.E. is a 501(c)5 non-profit organization. 466 Geary St. # M101, San Francisco, CA 94102

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